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Fund 1 Deal with us in the first 7 days and receive a FREE 3 day vacation resort package valued up to $1500 (these are not time shares). You will only be responsible for taxes and a $19 a day resort fee (all major resorts have this daily fee). These are not cheap hotels rather $300 to $500 per night resorts.  We can send an electronic voucher for the vacations and you will have 7 days to book it but you will have 18 months to take the trip. If we send a paper certificate you will have 30 days to book it and then 18 months to take it.

This will continue for every funding and you may use this for incentives for your agents as well. Let’s work together and make July a huge success!


All of your merchants that fund with us this month will receive this same package. So let’s get aggressive and turn those NO’s into FUND’s. Let’s give away a lot of trips this month. In addition, your merchants that fund will receive a restaurant voucher for $300 good at over 55,000 restaurants.

If you sign an exclusive agreement with our company you will get the following benefits for the entire year:

*A mirrored website with a real instant pre-approval calculator (soon to come real-time instant approval software) with the ability to approve merchants instantly and have them sign an e-sign contract with us and fund within 2 hours, you get wired your commission same day. All this with no app or bank statements collected. You will also be able to send a link to the merchant that does the same thing.

*Website will also feature our new company spokesperson who is a prior Miss USA and 1st Runner Up Miss Universe and current ESPN Correspondent etc. which will add huge credibility.  You can also send a video of her explaining what they need to send back when you send them the app.


We will give exclusive agents a link they can send to merchants that merchant clicks on and it will automatically access their bank account and pull credit, do back grounds etc. and get an offer up to $25k and if they want that offer they can sign an e-contract immediately that will pop up if they choose and fund right away and we will pay commission same day by wire.  If they want more money or better terms they can choose to have it manually reviewed and you do not need to get anything from them no statements or app and we will make them an offer up to $500k same day if in by 1:00 p.m. (most days) or we can get offers out within 24 hours on funding up to $3 million after we receive financial documents (Documents may be requested on large files under $500k on a case by case basis).

*Starting this week you will be able to get approvals on many deals within 15 min to 30 min and fund within 1 hour for less than $50k.

*We are going to invest in offices that are exclusive with us that prove themselves with capital to grow it and we will send personnel there to place ads, help interview and hire staff and set your office up to increase your revenue and grow your office quickly. Give you a turn key system like franchising but without the fee and we actually invest in you.

*We will give you advertising with trade secrets and access to our professional and proven ads and even show you where to advertise for a huge ROI and even coop advertising with some offices that have proven themselves meaning we will pay for advertising from 50% to 100% of it which we can discuss how that works.

*We have over 100 lenders we are partnered with and syndicate with half of them and also fund our own deals in house. You will have all of this working for you and only have to submit your deals through a CRM once and we will do everything else for you. We will offer higher compensation packages and allow you to send out PSF forms that we will process where the merchant can be debited up to 10 extra points on top of your commission (you get half of the PSF). You will be able to make from 13 points to 20 points on 98% of your deals even if we broker a deal and do not fund it ourselves with a lender that now pays you say 10 points you will have the ability to make 13 to 20 points with the same lender and we will help you close it.

*Many, many more benefits to an exclusive partnership but we can not disclose them without an NDA and Non Compete signed due to competition we have been working on this program for almost 8 years. Many other announcements coming soon!

If you need our help in closing deals whether exclusive or not we can and will help. We will even have senior management get on a 3 way call with you and your merchant on larger files.

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